Greener Pastures “Offshore” is underway | Where will it be?

Secret Location, Earth — Greener Pastures is about to begin filming its second series named “Offshore“. The secret location chosen promises to be novel, exotic and ideal for skateboarding the winter away.

The concept remains the same, open opportunities for riders, allow the industry to collaborate, skate the best roads in the world with the most talented riders.


The focus of GP Offshore is to work with young talented free riders that are over-skilled and under-exposed. This season’s GP will feature  riders from all over the world namely:

  1. Ethan Cochard (Eugene, USA – Loaded)
  2. Camilo Cespedes (Bogota, Colombia – Orangatang)
  3. Axel Serrat (Barcelona, Spain – Original)
  4. Levi Green (Sacramento, USA – Rayne)
  5. Kody Noble (Los Angeles, USA – Arbor)
  6. Maximilian Gradlmiller (Vancouver, BC – Landyachtz)
  7. Kevin Bouaich (Courrendlin, Switzerland – Sick)
  8. John Doy Tongco (Cebu, Philippines – DC Shoes)

You can also expect guest appearances from Marco Costa, Martin Diaz, Patrick Switzer and  Tamara Prader.


Shooting on location is kicking off soon and episodes will be released September 2013.


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Saturday January 26th, 2013
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