COMET ROOTS (2004) | Comet Skateboards

Great too see how much the sport has matured since this video was made with now proper emphasis on safety.

San Francisco, CA: Comet brings back a video from their Archive. shot in 2004, Comet Root includes a mix of street and hill mobbing from a crew that  still hangs out together in the Bay Area and have continued to inspire the Comet brand for close to a decade now.

The protagonists Jeff McDonough is working with Comet on a line of shredable wooden objects TBD while  Noah Sakamoto has a model in comet’s Guest Series

FEATURING: Noah Sakamoto, Patrick Rizzo, Jeff McDonough, Orrian Willis, John Delauder
PRODUCED BY: Comet Skateboards
EDITED BY: Noah Sakamoto, Sven Hokanson
FILMED BY:  Noah Sakamoto, Sven Hokanson, Jason Salfi

Tuesday January 29th, 2013
Culture Longboard