Switchback Longboards Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies Tour

The KHSBT (Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies Tour) was a trip from coast to coast with the intention of meeting as many customers as possible. As an online shop we only get to skate with the closest of friends and always miss out on skating with our extended family.
Nick Jean, Kelsey Crozier, Riley Brown Town, Dominique Vukorep, Andrew Drakeford, Jeremy Banting, Braden Tibbles, Justin Readings, and Scott Nuttall made up the full time bus crew. We picked up a few stragglers along the way including Raggie, Cam Brick, Beau Ho, and Adam Winston.

In three weeks we visited 18 different cities for events, leaving time for one day of surfing in Lawrencetown courtesy of Happy Dudes Surf Emporium and one day of skating some of the best runs in Canada over on the east coast. During our journey we skated everything from flat streets to mountain runs and quite a few dirt paths.


We traveled in our favorite yellow school bus pulling a cargo trailer outfitted with a bunk bed set up, courtesy of Douglas Metal Works. With all our gear and all the giveaway product packed into the trailer and bus there was still room for 11 people, barely.

The trailer was also outfitted with solar panels to keep our computers and cameras charged while editing 20ish videos. One of each city, two weekly videos, two race videos, and a few more yet to come.


Every day we had a long drive, the longest of which was 11 hours overnight leaving from one event and arriving at the next. In true switchback fashion we were on time at almost every event, the first one we were late for was Montreal and that wasn’t even our fault, really.

Overall the KHSBT was a huge success for us. Along the way we saw everything imaginable including the northern lights, the largest goose, the biggest nickel…teepee…blueberry, Jasper the bear, every province’s sign and we had a hell of a time skating with everyone we met on the tour. We can only hope that everyone else enjoyed it just as much.

Now all thats left is to thank our sponsors for making the whole thing possible!

Rayne Longboards, Hawgz Wheels, Predator Helmets, Bear Trucks, Vicious Grip, and Hollow Point Bearings brought us from Vancouver to the east coast and back in one piece. Without them we wouldn’t have made it on the first ferry… Which we missed anyways.

Visit www.switchbacklongboards.com/tour to check out videos from every city, to see who supported us, where we went and the trouble we got into along the way.

Tuesday December 18th, 2012