Ride with me – a longboard for 2 for Moms and Dads

Victoria, BC, Canada : Hi I am a skateboard surf Mother of one who hated the stroller and decided to longboard with my daughter instead. Here is our invention.


We were living a green, healthy lifestyle in the city.

No cars, local markets, organic and progressive “style” parenting.

As time went on, pushing a stroller lost its pazzaz.

My 2 year- old was entering the push and walk stage. I push, she walks. Our daily routine was becoming time consuming and irritating as she boycotted the stroller. She was still to young to walk everywhere.

We call it “stroller drama”…I know you’ve seen it before (Insert picture of screaming kid here). I began looking for an alternative.

Let’s rewind to pre-baby days. I was a Skater-snowboarder and bmx biker. Femme fetal, rippin around town lone- wranger style, wild like a stallion.

As you could imagine, a solution was needed. A combination of personal passion and parental passion.

One spring day the opportunity arose. We were playing with my sister’s old razor scooter. Walking beside her as I pushed her along, I hopped on in hopes of rippin it up!

No Bueno! There was no space for both of us to be comfortable and safe. I pictured my skateboard with a seat and handle. Both of us cruzing to daycare then to work. Stress free and on time.

One drawing later and a call to my friend and advisor Joey Tershay of Ace Skateboard Truck Manufacturing in L.A. The Vision came to life.

I realized there was nothing out there for the “boarder” community. As I researched the market and questioned the need, it became obvious that there was a niche to fill-

To create a new alternative mode of transportation for the skate, snow, surf culture and their children.There is nothing for us ! So I took matters into my own hands.

Obsessed with its creation, we ditched the stroller and manifested 2 prototyes and a patent.

“Ride With Me” was now a part of our daily lives.

The feedback in the community was amazing and many parents wanted one. The cost for my custom ride was high and not practical.



To share the awesomeness “Ride With Me” has brought into our lives.

Our daily routine has been uplifted. It is a joy to get to school and run our errands. We take the time to stop and smell the roses. We smile and laugh with each other instead of rushing to the next thing to do. We have changed the norm.


Wednesday December 12th, 2012
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