Longboard Girls Crew vs Josef Ajram | Lovingsports Challenge

Spain: Sport social netwok Livingsports are gettign some exposure via this video Longboard Girls Crew vs Red Bull super athlete Josef Ajram. It’s not really a race down the mountain but close enough. As the world falls in love with girls on longboard, expect to see more of these type of videos.

Directed by: Ivan Vania & Christian Letruria
Music and sound design by Amniotica

Editors: Ivan Vania, Roberto Brudaglio
Titles: Samuel Re
Slow motion: Eugenio Manghi
Thanks to: Mónica Madenfrost (LGC), Tomaso Brezzi,Oriol Hurtado, Giovanni Savastano & Bárbara Galán.


Wednesday December 19th, 2012