Best Of November | 2012 Highlights

As the year comes to an end, let’s take a look back at some of the 2012 Highlights.

As part of an Innovation Hunt , Nike+ japan has people hunting for Nike’s Flyknit Trainer and Lunarlon technologies inspired prizes including this skateboard.


Montreal, QC: Probably the only video you’ll find so far on Original’s kinda newly announce Maven 35. We’re saying kinda as ads have been running in print but nothing online yet.


New gear coming out of the Madrid/Venom peeps. Trojan Slide Gloves and Venom slide pucks. The gloves come in flavours – synthetic and leather while the puck in Venom red


Poland/Czech Republic: Short film about a journey of Brygada Kasztan Team. Eight riders, Four days, four different spots, “lentilky” and a lots of beer.


After a gestation period longer than that of a whale, out of Loaded’s womb finally comes the long anticipated Freeride/DH deck which shall now be known as the chubby unicorn.


San Francisco, CA: Catch Trevor Baird, Ethan Cochard, and Nic Escamilla as they slide, ollie, and flip their way down the streets of San Francisco on the NEW Loaded Kanthaka.


The FGT Series is the World’s first fraying Hemp skateboard grip claimed to be more flexible and durable than standard griptape.


Just over a year after releasing their folding skatebard, Snap skateboard now has a longboard version of their product.


Salinas, CA: The Kuya Longboards Mabilis is coming! Built for strength and speed it features Art by Ishtar Backlund tattooed into the deck.


What happens when you put 4 Yuppies on the same hill? A Brazilian lesson in radness. Sergio and his lineage, Fernando, Junior and Christian showing us how it’s done.


Saturday December 29th, 2012
2012 highlights