Trojan Gloves and Venom Pucks Now Available

New gear coming out of the Madrid/Venom peeps. Trojan Slide Gloves and Venom slide pucks. The gloves come in flavours – synthetic and leather while the puck in Venom red. Trojan and slide…. We’re waiting for the innuendos to roll in.

Trojan Slide GLoves:

  •  Dual-stitched leather fingertips
  • Rubberized printing on fingertips for added grip
  • Reinforced leather seam from thumb to wrist
  • Industrial strength Velcro palm and wrist strap
  • Venom slide pucks included

Synthetic version also features:

  • Flexible synthetic backhand
  • Dual-stitched suede patch between thumb and index finger

Venom Slide Puck

  • Industrial Velcro
  • Beveled profile
  • Extra-Slick Delrin plastic
Get yours  at
Wednesday November 7th, 2012
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