The Mavet V2 | Collaboration Between Landyachtz and Daddies Board Shop

Here at Daddies Board Shop we all fell in love with the original Landyachtz Switchblade. We fell in love again when the Switchblade 36” came out. We loved the concave, the pockets, and the general feel of the boards altogether. However, most of us were top-mounting our decks so we could get a little more grip and control at higher speeds. Then it dawned on us that we should just hit up our friends at Landyachtz and see if they wanted to do a collaboration board! Thankfully they did, and the rest is history!

We created a topmount Switchblade 36” for riders who wanted a compact and nimble board that had some serious freeriding potential. Being a topmounted board you have a higher ride-height which ends up giving you more grip in the long run. The Mavet performs great when cornering at high speeds, especially if you are asmaller rider or someone who prefers a shorter wheelbase. If you love to slide, this board is a blast. You have to go a bit faster on it but since the Mavet is a bit shorter than most boards you can throw it around all over the place. And since the deck is only 36 inches long it is great for cruising and getting around the city!

Our goal was to create a board that was fun for everyone, and with the Mavet2… we think we did it. Like the original Mavet, the Mavet2 is a limited edition board. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

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Tuesday November 20th, 2012
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