The Kanthaka | Loaded Boards has it’s sight on the hybrid market

Culver City, CA: 2 years ago Loaded epitomised carving, cruising, dancing and freestyle. All this changing with the overnight addition of  2 new decks including one being Kanthaka. The other of course being the Chubby Unicorn (more info on that deck in our previous post).

Interesting move by Loaded to release these two different style decks on the same day. One, a highly anticipated downhill deck which we all have seen in it’s prototype form in counteless videos, and the other, The Kanthaka, which barely anyone knew was in R&D. But as Loaded puts it ” The Kanthaka has been kind of like a little brother to the Chubby Unicorn in development, and it’s been exciting to apply the extensive research and knowledge gained from the Chubby development directly into this different but related application.”

The Kanthaka – some street cred for loaded.

So there it is, Loaded new faddition to the land of street skating, tech slide and freeriding or, if you will, hybrid. This is in reply to other manufacturers who have also been adding hybrid street inspired decks to their lineups (Bustin’s YoFace or Earthwing’s Steve Kong come to mind as examples).

Taking your skate deck as a base, Loaded brings rocker, functional and ergonomic wheel wells, and composite construction to the mix.  With both conventional and reverse kingpin trucks as recommended setup, the Kanthaka aims to be able to fit any of your riding style.

Specs: Length: 36” |Width: Available in 8.625” and 8.875” | Wheelbase: 17.5” | Kick length: 7.5” (tip to outer bolt) |  Weight: 3.70 lbs / 1.68 kg (8.625”), 3.75 lbs / 1.72 kg (8.875”)

The Kanthaka will be available in select shops worldwide on December 4th for $188 (MSRP, deck only).

More on how the Kanthaka came to be on loaded’s blog
Or check out the deck’s page on

Wednesday November 14th, 2012
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