Michael Law-Smith on Original’s New Maven 35 dropped deck

Montreal, QC: A day of longboarding with Michael Law-Smith Probably the only video you’ll find so far on Original’s kinda newly announce Maven 35. We’re saying kinda as ads have been running in print but nothing online yet.

What we know so far

The Maven 35 is symmetrical with an Diamond drop (Similar to the Apex 40). It feature an “hourglassed” 0.7″ deep concave for a stiffer mid-section and two pair of slide pockets.

Specs: Lenght 35″ |  wdth 9.75″ |  5-ply Canadian Maple | Quad-Axial Fibreglass | 0.925 drop

Keep an eye on www.originalskateboards.com for it’s imminent release.


Friday November 2nd, 2012
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