Go Longboard Pt.4 (2011-2012) by Original Skateboard – How the brand/sport has changed

After skipping 2011 Original Skateboard is back with their anthemic video series. Go Longboard Pt.4 regroups both 2011 and 2012 together and is radically different from the previous ones. The last 2 year have seen a focus on downhill and freeride for Original. Freestyle, while still well alive, is less featured. Below are the 3 previous parts starting back in 2008. See how the company, and to a certain extent, the sport has evolved over the last 4 years.

Go Longboard Pt.4 (2010)

Go Longboard Pt.3 (2009)

Go Longboard Pt.1 (2008)

Thursday November 29th, 2012
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