Close up video of the NEW Loaded Freeride/DH Deck – Christened The Chubby Unicorn

Culver City, CA: After a gestation period longer than that of a whale, out of Loaded’s womb finally comes the long anticipated Freeride/DH deck which shall,  from now on, be known as the Chubby Unicorn.

Specs: Length: 42.25” | Width: 9.75” | Wheelbase: 28.25” | Kick length: 7” (tip to inner bolt) | Weight: 4.9 lbs

The standout features of this new deck are the polyethylene outer layers and the urerathane sidewalls. Think of the urethane as a bumper for your deck.

From Loaded:

From the land of marshmallow clouds and rainbow brittle, the Chubby Unicorn gallops out of fantasy and into reality as a chimaeric catalyst for downhill, freeride, and freestyle skateboarding. Compiling years of downhill skating experience and perspective, the Chubby seamlessly blends a multitude of high performance features, innovative materials and groundbreaking production techniques to create a badasscuddly shred stick.

Like the curvaceous figure of its mythical namesake, the Chubby Unicorn is here to captivate you with its alluring ergonomics. Rocker supplies a subtle lock-in for sliding and a natural platform for foot movement. Progressive rail concave ensures edge control without sacrificing comfort, while a wide ergonomic W concave provides optimal lateral support near the rails where it counts most. CNC routed grab rails on the deck’s underside shave weight and act as chubby wubby love handles for predrifts and early grabs of all varieties. Integrated wheel wells flare up above the top surface of the deck, increasing wheel clearance and creating unique transitions to hug your feet while sliding. Recessed truck mounts drop your baseplates deep into the deck and are angled to neutralize the wedging effect from the rocker, keeping your steering geometry true. Nose and tail kicks provide ample leverage and a comfortable surface for catching tricks and balancing manuals. A fully symmetrical shape ensures ideal ergonomics in any orientation.

The Chubby’s composite construction balances stability at speed with just enough give to dissipate energy from vibrations and impacts. Around the board’s perimeter is a high durometer Orangatang urethane sidewall that is bonded to the basswood core and sandwiched between fiberglass skins. The urethane formula has been carefully selected for exceptional abrasion resistance, vibration dampening, crisp pop, and resilience against hard impact. The Chubby’s base is sealed with a layer of UHMW for additional damping, abrasion resistance, and protection against moisture.

The Chubby Unicorn will be available in select shops worldwide on December 4th for $360 (MSRP, deck only). 

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Tuesday November 13th, 2012
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