Bustin’s Boombox and Sporster get a pro version with added Fiberglass

Bustin has just announced the The Boombox Pro and the Sporter Pro upgrading their current model by adding Sublimated fiberglass to the mix.

The New Boombox Pro – $175

The Boombox Pro comes in a  flexy 6-ply  and a stiffer 7ply Maple version with a bottom of triaxial fiberglass layer. It retains all the shape and other characteristic already present in the Maple version.

Specs: Length: 42″  | Width: 10″  | Wheelbase: 29.5″

The New Sportser Pro – $ 175

The Sporster Pro gets an extra 3.25″ inches on it’s predecessor with the addition of a tiny nose and tail and and extra 0.25″ in width. The wheelbase is now 30″ (previously 29.5″) and the 9-ply maple have been replaced with 7 plus a layer of triaxial fiberglass making it stiffer than before.

Specs: Length: 39.25″ | Width: 10″  | Wheelbase: 30″

Available in limited supply you can pre order now and it’ll ship December 1st. Also $5 from every deck sales at Bustin will be donated to the American Red Cross to help the relief effort from Hurricane Sandy.

More info and purchase information here for the  Boomobx Pro and the Sportser Pro

Saturday November 17th, 2012
Deck Freeride Freestyle Longboard Manufacturer