ARBOR Europe Skateboard Clip 2012 – GUAYOTA

‘The Islands’: GUAYOTA – [A dark force living inside the mountain, according to Guanche legend a gateway to the underworld, often taking the shape of a demonic black dog.]

The ARBOR Europe skate team went to shred the downhill boards Prodigy & Vugenhausen on an island a little way off the beaten track, the spot has a vibe that could be described as ‘heavy’, with roads of consequence… massive drops, razor sharp flora & the ever present metal guard rail just waiting to welcome you if you drifted too far off your line…

According to Guanche legend, ‘Guayota’ is a dark force, living inside the mountain often taking the shape of a demonic black dog….. the team felt like we were being watched the whole time, finding eviscerated goat carcasses on the mountain & rock formations that had strange faces naturally etched into them that seemed to be overseeing our every move…. we felt his presence… especially when we were stuck on the mountain in a wrecked van in the middle of the night..

Thanks to Marcos Costa for his amazing driving skills & never ending enthusiasm, Eduardo Andres for his imaginative culinary skills, John Griffiths for his constant sense of humor, Bruno De Silva Oliveria for his professionalism, Ryan Clarke for willing to sacrifice his body & his sanity for the sake of a skate film, Gregor Common / CEO ARBOR Europe making this movie happen on products and financing ….. I hope it was all worth it…….. & finally a big sorry to our girl rider Sonso Masia Sanchez who could not join us due to an injury… you were missed.

Wednesday November 28th, 2012