West Coastin Episode 1: So Cal | Longboard Girls Crew

  is proud to present the anticipated premiere of West Coastin’, a documentation of five skater girls’ journey up the west coast to the first all-girls Maryhill She-Ride.

Fron LGC:

Ishtar Backlund, Pam Diaz, Daisy Johannes, Marisa Nunez, and Amanda Powell sat in Amanda and Adam Colton‘s apartment in Santa Monica and planned out a trip north, beginning in Los Angeles and ending at Maryhill, stopping at plenty of skate spots along the route. This first episode shows our relaxed days skating some of the hills in Southern California, hitting spots in Malibu and Santa Barbara that Amanda and Daisy knew locally. We were just diving into our two week trip – roughing it in tents and having no schedule but to skate, film, dance, and have a fun time. We did just that. Enjoy!

Music: Promoe – Fit you haffi fit | Comfort fit – Elbow | Munno – Still

Filmed by: The girls Edited by: Pam Díaz & La Isla Ent


Friday October 26th, 2012
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