Welcome to the family Amanda Powell | Riviera Skateboards

We saw her featured on Riviera’s new website but weren’t sure what to make of it. Well It’s Official Amanda Powell Is at Riviera now. This new development comes after Powell announced her switch from Loaded to Sector 9 only 7 months ago.  Someone’s got itchy feet. it’ll be interesting too see the reason behind this switch. Definitely a smart move by Riviera.

From Riviera:

We are very proud to announce that Amanda Powell has joined us here at Riviera Skateboards! Amanda has played an integral part in the growth of female downhill skateboarding over the last several years and has an undeniable talent for riding skateboards. Beyond the fact that she charges hills without hesitation, her graceful style and beautiful footwork make her skating so enjoyable to watch. Her timeless approach has inspired skaters world wide and we look forward to capturing her at her very best and showcasing her abilities in the light they deserve. We are currently working with her on a number of specialized products built with the female freeride and downhill skater in mind. We’ve made a commitment to helping Amanda live her dreams and help continue to grow the female skate scene world wide! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with you Amanda,




Wednesday October 24th, 2012