The Rayne Avenger 2011 vs 2012 – Side by side comparison

The guys at Rayne were kind enough to send us their new re-designed Avenger 2012 and since we still have the 2011 version kicking around we thought we’d do a side by side comparison and point out the differences.

The first thing you’ll notice is of course a refreshed graphic (left). The 2011  mammoth has been replaced with a dragon but  the style still remains Japanese inspired . Visual enhancement has also been given to the top of the deck (right). A fractal abstract pattern now adorns it. It will be interesting to see what kind of grip job people come up with to pair with it. The thumb hole thingamajig is now gone making the length an inch shorter.

Nose: 2012 Avenger (top), 2011 avenger (bottom)

Are the wheel-wells gone? Yes and no. Yes there are no routed-out ones anymore. Instead Rayne did something better. They call it the pressed-in 3D wheel-wells. They created a more acute bend/curve at each end of the platform, where wheel bites are likely to occur, giving you enough clearance to accommodate bigger wheels.  Where before the raw wood would be exposed to the elements, now it’s all protected under the outer fibreglass layer adding to the durability.

Tail: 2012 Avenger (top), 2011 avenger (bottom)

Whether it was a stroke of genius of just sheer luck the addition of the pressed-in 3D wheel-wells created 4 nice upward curves on each corner of the deck. This makes finding and locking your feet easier than ever. You could ride the new Avenger blindfolded (please don’t) and still know where your feet are placed.

Edge: 2011 Avenger (top), 2012 avenger (bottom)

Is it thinner than before? Again, Yes and No. While the side-edges are thinner, the middle core remains the same.  Rayne calls it the Fat Bottom Core: thicker in the middle with the core thinning out to the edges. Lighter but still as stiff. You can appreciate the new core construction in the photos below.

Nose: 2012 Avenger (left), 2011 (Right)
 Tail: 2012 Avenger (left), 2011 (Right)

Overall the Avenger still retains its classic look but we are definitely impressed with how Rayne’s R&D got the most out of subtle yet radical changes.

Starting with the Fat Bottom Core they were able to drop some weight and reduce the edge thickness. A thinner  edge allowed them to shape more defined curves creating 1. the wheel-bite clearance needed and 2. the ergonomic bends to lock your feet in. It all just came together real nice.

For more details on the Avenger 2012 and the other features it still retains from it’s predecessor head to


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Sunday October 14th, 2012
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