The Newly released TORPEDO | BC LONGBOARDS

BC boast their latest deck as their ‘most tested and advanced board to date’. By learning how to bend Bamboo in 3 dimension, the deck combines the control of a top mount with the locked in feel of a drop deck. We are told that the moulded wheel wells to the front and rear add just the right amount of concave to lock your feet in for pre drift and controlled cornering

Specs: Length 36.5″ | Width: 10 ” | Wheel Base: 27.5″-29.25″ | Concave: 0.625″ | Flex: Stiff

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The Torpedo in Action

Check out the Torpedo in action at BBDH in this video by KR longboarding featured last week.


Tuesday October 16th, 2012
Deck Longboard Manufacturer