New York Longboard 3 – A Perropro and Bustin Boards production

New York, NY: Another sweet Perropro Productions in NYC featuring Bruno Sirera & Toti Bicicleta. The Spaniards killing it.

From Bustin:

In this culmination of the Perropro adventures in New York City, Bruno, Toti, and Alberto storm the city looking for new spots and things to skate in entirely new ways. It’s not an easy task. NYC can be quite a small place once you’ve been there for a while. During their search, they bump into Prince and enjoy a stoke filled longboard session on some stairs and ledges. The quest for the biggest hippy jump, highest early grab, and most technical use of the city landscape continues.

The grand finale comes in LES where Bruno finally tackles a double ledge that has eluded him during previous trips to the city. Countless bails, sickness, computer woes, and lots of great times have been wrapped up into this 3-part series of videos with Perropro’s Alberto and our Spanish friends. Back to Spain they go to take on their home territory with a new bag of tricks. Un Saludos, Amigos castellanos! Until next time…

Longboards/Skateboards Used: Bustin BoomboxBustin YofaceBustin Ratmobile

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Saturday October 13th, 2012
Freestyle Longboard