Introducing the NEW Bustin Mekanik 35″ & an updated Robot

Bustin launched their newest deck, the Mekanik 35″. The new topmount sports a gentle, comforting quarter-inch rocker throughout the deck. This is the 7th Model Bustin has released this year (2012 so far also includes the Boombox and EQ,the Yoface,the Sportster, and the Ratmobile)

The construction of the Mekanik is 8 plies of stiff Great Lakes maple, differing slightly from the company’s typical Canadian Maple on other decks. The end result is more stiffness with less wood.

Read more about the Mekanik here.


New Limited Edition Robot V2 also released

One of Bustin most popular board, the Robot also got a make-over.  Increased concave on the rails for extra sliding lock, a touch of symmetrical rocker for extra stability, all wrapped up underneath anew graphic from Prefab77 designs.

More on the New Robot V2 here

Thursday October 4th, 2012
Deck Freeride Manufacturer