A picture is worth a thousand words | Bonelli North American Finals

Sector 9 Chance Gaul flipping the bird to Jimmy Riha and Trevor Baird
– Photo courtesy of Mike Smith © www.wideopenfoto.com

San Dimas, CA: This picture was taken at the IGSA Bonelli North American Finals. 16-year-old Chance Gaul having a very unsportsmanlike conduct while passing Jimmy Riha and Trevor Baird during a heat.

We do not know the background story for such behaviour but no matter what flipping the bird at fellow competitors after they just crashed is most certainly un-professional.

We’ve reached out to the IGSA for a response on where they stand on such in-race behaviour. As of publishing time we haven’t heard anything.

For a sport to be truly professional, a code of conduct should be adhered to and enforced.

What do you think?

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More photo From the IGSA Bonelli North American Finals at www.wideopenfoto.com


Monday October 15th, 2012
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