Freeryder | another addition to the Lush line up

Meet what Lush calls their most ‘radical deck shape’ the Freeryder. A symetrical powerslide deck that can be ollied and flipped. Its has a symetrical shape, and features Lush’s new CNC wheel well technology.  The adjustable wheelbase (22″ to 27.8″) allows you  to set up which ever way you like.  This is the second deck Lush has released within a week the previous one being the Pinnacle.

Basic Specs: LENGTH 36″ / 91CM | WIDTH 9.75″ / 25CM | WHEELBASE MULTIPLE FROM 27.8″ / 70CM TO 22″ / 56CM  | NOSE 1.6″ / 4CM TO 4.3″ / 11CM | TAIL1. 6″ / 4CM TO 4.3″ / 11CM | CONSTRUCTION 9PLY 100% CANADIAN MAPLE

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Tuesday October 16th, 2012
Deck Longboard Manufacturer