Kelly World Champion winning at the 2012 Winsport IGSA World Championships

Calgary, AB: James Kelly become the only man to have won 2 races this season on the IGSA circuit and takes the crown as IGSA World Champion 2012. Thet 2 2 ranks better than his last year’s 3rd finish at the same track. Rebekka Gemperle wins it in the ladies.

Results Open DH:

  1. James Kelly (Arbor)
  2. George Mackenzie (These Wheels)
  3. Alex Tongue (Stalk it)
  4. Mathew Kroetsch

Women’s Final:

  1. Rebekka Gemperle
  2. Marie Bougourd
  3. Yolanda Vogler
  4. Charlie Diagneault

 Full results available here

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Photo via Michael Brooke – Concrete Wave

Sunday September 2nd, 2012
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