Board Meeting 2012 – Year 10 with over 1200 guests

Toronto, ON: Potentially the biggest longboard gathering ever with over 1200. Here’s a video of the start and photos the 10th edition of the Toronto Board meeting.

 Collection of photos from Instagram


King Street


Mike Girard & Patrick Switzer under the Horse

Can you Spot the Banana -0n-a- board?

Chillin at city hall


I’m on a horse, Queenspark


Down Yonge Street


Team Switchback on their Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies tour

John Barnet in good company

Lee-Anne Bigwood, Skate Invader Cindy Zhou and SMBC founder Suzanne Nuttall


Groms Represent!

Crashing the Toronto International Film Festival Red Carpet
Monday September 10th, 2012
Community Grom Longboard Photo W