Sk8Trip to Jake’s Rash and Britannia | Abec 11

Vancouver, BC: Michael Alfuso and Rory Russell captururing the action for Abec 11 at this year’s Jakes Rash and Britannia Classic.

From Abec11:

The Canadian trilogy of Downhill Racing happens during an eight day span toward the end of May of every year. It consists of Danger Bay, Jake’s Rash, and the Brittania Classic. Michael Alfuso flew up to join forces with Rory Russell to capture the final two races. Our journey starts out slowly with some mellow skating in the rain and some freeriding, but at the end is an epic downhill battle that’s well worth the wait.

WTF? Prepare for some confusion in Vancouver. There are moaning fairies from the YMCA (2:30) and morning ferries from the Horshoe Bay (3:50). Not there’s anything wrong with that …

After getting off the boat in Langdale, the gang cruises up the Sunshine Coast which also happens to be Team Green’s beautiful backyard playground. Last but not least we invade this year’s classic Britannia showdown. When you hear The Prodigy crank up the volume – it’s the Sk8Trip to Jake’s Rash and Britannia!

Wednesday August 29th, 2012