Peyragudes Never Dies Day 3 | Finals cut short and Dalua Wins

Peyragudes, Hautes-Pyrénées, France: Due to heavy smogs today’s final had to be cancelled. The his mean the final standign were based on yesterdays qualifying position. 1. Douglas Dalua, 2. Patrick Switzer, 3 Thiago Gomes-Lessa and Last leg’s winner James “The American Dream” Kelly.

6 IGSA WC races and 6 different winners
– the race for point still tight

The race for point is tighter than ever with no one winning twice so far. With such a tight competition it’s hard to predict who will take the World Cup Championship race next month at Winsport in Calgary .

As of last week the point standing – Point from Peyragudes not tallied yet.

Rank Points Rider
1 2063.50 Patrick Switzer (+432.62)
2 2028.82 Alex Tongue
3 2008.82 Douglas (Dalua) Silva (+450)
4 2004.80 Dillon Stephans
5 1985.31 James Kelly (+416.84)
6 1858.49 Mischo Erban
7 1840.37 Louis Pilloni
8 1768.52 Matt Kienzle
9 1651.72 Torbjorn Sunde
10 1612.08 Adam Persson
Sunday August 12th, 2012
Downhill Longboard