Whistler Longboard Festival 2012 | Push Culture News

Whisthler, BC: Push Culture News come back with their report of the And Annual Whistler Longboard Festival.

If you missed their coverage of The Skate-X-Shoot Biathlon check it here.

From Push Culture:

Thanks to the video crew that came together that came together make this happen!
Mike and Sabrina at Reconnect Media, Warren Scott, Oscar Dominguez, Sam Cezar & Colton Wallace from AI in Vancouver. They’ll all be graduating soon and ready to work! Also, Vik, and Jimmy along with his white sidekick Collin, Duncan from Texas! And the guys from Sea to Sky cable cam – you guys rock! Looking forward to working with you all again in the future!

Special thanks to Kelly Carter (the raddest Grom in Australia) Jesse Soneff from Hollow Point Bearings, and our favorite strum sticker Aaron Enevoldsen for the triple wammy crash coverage! And everyone’s favorite skate mom Dawn Moisanen for the stills!

The rapper is “YaKnow?Check!” He was entertaining the crowd throughout the event


Thursday July 19th, 2012
Downhill Longboard Skate X Shoot