The Wet and Wacky Wace| Race Report and Write Up

Some time in early May me and Big Tone were sitting around, probably too safe for our own good, discussing past and future longboard events. Reminiscing over past events like Devils Night Shred, The Icetastic Event, and The Riser Race got us thinking. What could we do that’s fun and unique? Something that would bring the whole community, from the groms moms, to the pro riders out. Something even the crowd could participate in. This is how the Wet and Wacky Wace was born.

Not long before 1pm on July 7th the water balloons were finally done thanks to the help of a few local path rats. Over 300 rounds of ammunition and a whole lot of water guns, the race was set to begin. The grom races were wet and fierce. No one wanted to give anyone an inch of room including the vicious crowed. No matter how much the crowd pelted and sprayed, the brave groms bombed and slashed their way through the course. Once a final heat was decided the buttboard races began.

One might think it would be safer or somehow more pleasant to race sitting down rather than on your feet. However at The Wet and Wacky Wace the opposite is true. When sitting down you leave much more area to target with a water balloon. Riders were getting pelted all over and some people had even taken to targeting their wheels to ensure they would not make the corner. Never had I seen people drift corners one their butts like this before.

Open category was some of the most intense racing I had ever witnessed. People were getting relentlessly pelted with water balloons throughout their heats. There were bails all over and frankly I was starting to worry about some of the riders safety. However these brave souls wanted nothing to do with quitting and pushed on. At this point the first high speed left was absolutely soaked as some people had taken to pouring gallons of water all over the course. With little to no traction the riders tried to navigate the corner with little to no avail.

The finals were set to be 3 chinese downhill races, one for each category, all with the top three riders competing. The course is only about 8-10 feet wide at it’s widest point so this was going to be one hell of a show. For each of the finals a super secret stash of surplus water balloons were unleashed. The riders would face about 10 water guns and 20 balloons coming at them all at once. When the mist cleared we had our winners. And they were all in one piece!

Thank you so much to all the riders and participants as well as the people close to me that support my habit. Special thanks to Big Tone and The Skate Invaders! Thank you to all the sponsors: Switchback, Rayne, AmWood, Longboardism, Hogtown, Landyachtz, Randal Trucks, H.I.T.S, Longboard Living, Bombora, Pinebox, Champstiles, Ace of Diamonds, Goon Gloves, Sabre Trucks, Concrete Wave, Loaded, and Boz Boards. Don’t forget to tell your mom!

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Writing by: Joey Marion Photos by: Jon Nuss

Sunday July 15th, 2012
Community Race