The Gathering Longboard Meet 2012 | You’re invited

Stockholm, Sweden: This Year the association Longboard Sweden will present a Longboard Weekend in the capital Stockholm. Whats unique here is that it offers a choice for all riding styles during a whole weekend. Riders can choose to only downhill, go sliding/freestyling, chill cruising/join a longboard school or why not mix and enjoy it all. As a bonus it’s ALL FOR FREE.

Last year 4-500 Longboarders joined up in Aug on a Slide Jam and a massive longboard session through Stockholm but we expect more riders to enjoy the different events this year. More longboarders travel and look for these types of open events, you are officially invited.

Event Details and update on facebook

The gathering 2011 recap video


Also worth checking out, this neat documentary about the longboard culture in Stokeholm and Sweden

Thursday July 26th, 2012
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