Rayne Presents: Whistler Longboard Festival Skate x Shoot

From Rayne:

For the first time ever, the 2012 Whistler Longboard Festival hosted the Skate X Shoot Presented by Rayne Longboards. Taking place at the Whistler Olympic Park (WOP) on on July 12, 2012. The morning included a 20km Endurance Race with a $1000 Cash Podium – won by Rayne’s Paul Kent. The Skateboard Biathlon (Skate x Shoot) similar to winter ski biathlon hosted in the afternoon carried a similar $1000 Cash Podium – also won by Rayne’s Paul Kent.

The Skate x Shoot tested speed, pushing, downhill, turns, agility, accuracy and stamina. Competitors skated up and down 10km of looping mountain trail-way, with two stops at the target range.

For more info please check out http://longboardfestival.com

Overall: 1st- Paul Kent; 2nd- Robin McGuirk; 3rd- Tristan Morrow
JR: 1st- Will Smallwood; 2nd- Jeremy Sampson; 3rd- Ian Russell
Ladies: 1st- Elena Corrigall ; 2nd- Anna O’Neill

Overall: 1st- Paul Kent; 2nd-Riley Harris; 3rd- Robin McGuirk
JR: 1st- Mike Slota; 2nd- Tyler Guimond; 3rd- Richard Witting
Ladies: Anna O’Neill


Monday July 30th, 2012
Longboard Race Skate X Shoot W