South Australia: 3 longboarders flexing down a winding mountain face in the cold of the night, equipped with nothing but a couple headlamps to tear through the darkness. another neat one from Beanpole Productions

Gears and Credit fromthe film maker:

L I G H T S: We used 2 “Betty” headlamps from Lupine Lighting Systems in Germany. At 2600 lumens, they are incredibly bright. A lot brighter in real life than what the cameras pickup. They were perfect for shooting this video, and gave us an amazingly bright and wide spread beam of light to be able to confidently go as fast as we could down the hill. I wouldn’t recommend doing this with a cheap headlamp. lupine.de/web/en/

C A M E R A S: 2x 7Ds | 2x Contour Plus | 2x Contour Roam | contour.com/

P O S T: Cut and graded with Final Cut 7 and Colorista

M U S I C: “The Body” by Glass Kites GlassKites.Bandcamp.com/ , facebook.com/glasskites

S H O T B Y:  Benjamin Dowie, David Parkinson, Elliot Dowie, Oliver Dowie

T H A N K S: Very big thanks to Stefan, Moritz, and all the guys at Lupine. Your lights are unreal | Brandon from Contour | Globe | Leon and crew from Glass Kites | Fly Boardriding | Oliver & Dion for skating down this hill with me for hours on end over a number of freezing winter nights | Dave & Elliot for helping with shooting – also in the freezing cold | Bill from Virtuascape

Video by Beanpole Productions
Via Heelside Mag 


Friday June 15th, 2012