The Beast Bites Back

Oklahoma: We have been to The BEAST many times, but never have we been able to document the ride down like we did this past weekend. Thanks to the STAPLEGUN guys, we were able to get some insane shots coming down some of the s-turns at 45mph as well as having a camera for every rider to wear. Scott is fast with awful pavement. Almost every corner is blind so staying in your lane is a must.

After a few runs we headed to the switchbacks where we did some heats from the top to the bottom. It’s a minute run with 7 techy turns and a huge straightaway at the bottom to a righty.

Thanks again to STAPLEGUN (Joe, Joe & Jordan)
Riders: Jason Machado, Josh Hughes, Kyle Ramsey, Cole Cochran & MacGregor Merritt

Saturday June 30th, 2012