Jacagua Extreme DH 2012 | September 23, 2012

Santiago, Dominican Republic: Jacagua Extreme Downhill is the biggest longboard skate event taking place in the Dominican Republic. Santiago is the hometown of the JEDH, which comes loaded with an adrenaline rush after the big success of its first edition in 2011.

The 1.4 km intense ride, loved by a few, feared by others but respected by everyone. It has sections whose top speed can rise up to 80 km/h as well as a great variety of curves that include 90º and 180º turns. That results in a perfect spot to be the host of an amazing outdoor experience filled with fun, boards and good vibes next september 23rd. A race in which the competition isn’t just among your longboarding peers, but with the challenging conditions of the road, ensuring an entertaining experience for both riders and spectators.

On Saturday September 22nd we jumpstart an electrifying weekend with a welcoming party featuring live music and local Dj’s, setting up the tone to what will be the competition the next day, as we finish the registration process right there at the hill, where riders and friends get to know each other and share experiences before the race.

On Sunday 23rd, the JEDH will begin at 9 a.m. with snacks, drinks and all the entertainment needed so all the participants and viewers can stay comfortably in this magical mountain throughout the day.

Jacagua Extreme Downhill will have DH Open, DH National, Slide Jam Boys, Slide Jam Girls and Longest Stand up slide categories.

At the end of the competition we will celebrate, in the true spirit of our caribbean nature, to the rhythm of the invited bands, in charge of turning a regular weekend into a realm of longboarding fun.

We invite you to join us in this wonderful experience.

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Saturday June 2nd, 2012
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