Doctor Sombrero with Jorge Vigón and Gerardo Moreno

Guadalajara, México;  Jorge Vigón (Doctor) and Gerardo Moreno (Sombrerow) skate a fun spot near Guadalajara. A winding road built on the side of a mountain, steep, hairpins and slippery asphalt.

From the authors

We wanted to try our new dolly slide and to be honest, we didn’t think about a fully structured video. Jorge is a Medical student and he happened to have his scrubs in the trunk of his car, we convinced him to wear them for the session. Gerardo didn’t want to be left behind so he stole my filming sombrero and so.. we had two characters, Doctor & Sombrerow.

Everything was filmed in one day. It was hot as hell (109º) and dangerous. On the last shot (blooper) I placed the camera/dolly right at the outside apex of the turn. It was a very risky position and of course Sombrerow slid off the track right into my face, camera, dolly… everything, I still don’t know how I managed to grab the camera and jump off his trajectory of destruction… he’s a pretty big guy.

Saturday June 23rd, 2012