Canada Adventures with Will Royce Part 1 – Britannia Classic 2012 | Bustin Longboards

From Bustin:

In this video join Bustin Team Rider Will Royce on his summer excursion to the west coast of Canada, home to some of the most epic skating on the planet. Join him as he races the Britannia Classic, shreds some allys and rides just about anything else can get his wheels onto. Will is an ultra multi-dimensional skater who can ride almost any deck and skate any style. In this video you’ll see him riding a Bustin Eq, Bustin Boombox, Bustin Yoface, Bustin Robot, Bustin Ibach (and the upcoming Bustin Ratmobile – available this fall) as well as the spectrum of performance Bustin wheels. Enjoy and stay tuned for Part 2 of his Canadian Trip dropping soon.

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Friday June 29th, 2012
Downhill Race