Skaters bearing guns at the Whister Longboard Festival.

Whistler, BC: Registration for the 2012 Whistler Longboard Festival is online  Check out for registration details.

On top of the downhill and a 20km endurance race this year will see a new event called the Skate X Shoot.

It will be a 10km Biathlon style race with $1000 for the Podium . Skate X Shoot will involve the use of a regulation .22 caliber target rifle, and all live ammunition. The course will consist of 2 laps of the rolling 5km course, and 2 stops at the range. For each of the 5 targets missed, racers must skate an extra 150m penalty lap.

Want to know more?  The Skate X Shoot will be run very similarly to the Winter Biathlon. Here is a map of the Whistler Olympic Park

Thursday May 3rd, 2012
Downhill Push Skate X Shoot