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From Bustin:

At Bustin Boards in Brooklyn we think skating is skating and we designed the Yoface deck to bridge the gap between longboarding and skateboarding by allowing you to go fast and go big.

Look close, this is not your average skateboard. The Bustin Yoface deck is a 35-inch bowl-riding, tech sliding, street skating, olliable city cruiser featuring a comfortable but aggressive concave and curves throughout the deck that add to it’s stiffness as well as it’s pop. Many of today’s city skaters are finding themselves eyeing bigger, softer wheels, unwilling to give up their double kicks and being forced to add loads of riser pads to compensate for wheelbite. Enter the Yoface, a world where this problem is drastically reduced by a custom mold with wheel wells pressed into the shape and then further sanded out for maximum clearance over the wheels. In practice, the wells also provide for more foot-locking concave in the tech sliding position than any deck on the market. The radial tail retains a mild concave outside of the bolt holes and provides for more grip and extra stiffness for added pop. Proudly made in the USA and proudly bridging the gap between longboarding and skateboarding. As always, the Bustin Yoface is available to customize through our online Build-A-Board Program as a Limited Edition Graphic or Fully Custom Graphic. For all the specs and more details on the concept, please visit the Yoface Specs page at

The idea to make a tech slider skateboard came directly from our team, many whom hail from the world of street skating. We wanted to design a board that could excel at both street/park skating and double as a fully functional tech slider. The terms ‘New York’ and ‘techsliding’ are synonymous, which means we had to make this bad boy special in order to win the respect of our local riders. To do that we dug deep and began searching for ways to create something that was truly unique and substantially better from end to end.

The answer came in the night, and like a ninja with a bad attitude, popped in our collective brain and kept us up all night imagining the possibilities of gnar. Integrating wheel wells into the concave would solve a very basic but major problem that all skateboards have when trying to put on larger wheels. Wheelbite would be reduced to a minimum, and as an added bonus, the wheel wells will be in the perfect position to create magical foot pockets to hug the feet while in slide position like no skateboard has ever done before. The only thing left to do was implement the plan and make it a reality.

Design of this board had to be done very carefully. Because all of the curves have to match up so perfectly to function properly, any errors would force us to start over with new molds, so every precaution was taken to get it right as quickly as possible. The double kick board has been so tried and tested, getting the angles and the proper spacing between the wheelbase and the tails right was a cinch. The real trick was lining up the built-in wheel wells properly and creating the right amount of space for a comfortable but effective foot pocket. This was done through testing with other tried and true skateboard decks and lots of design work in front of a computer screen to make sure all the angles lined up.

Further precaution was taken in the transfer from the concave to the tail. Instead of relieving all of the concave in order to make the bend into the tail, we brought the tail up to the level of the concave from the center of the deck, much like the radial drops of our Boombox deck, allowing us to retain concave all the way through the deck. The difference is subtle, but effective. As a result, the tails have just as much pop as any skateboard deck you’ve ever stepped on, but now they are stronger and provide for foot locking concave in the spot where you need it most when sliding the deck.

SPECS: 34 5/8″ Long | 9 3/16″ Wide | 16 1/2″ Wheelbase | 3/8″ Concave | 1/2″+ Concave at Wheel wells | 1/8″ Concave at Base of the Tail | 7 1/8″ Nose/Tail

This deck is designed to meld what we’ve come to know as longboarding and the trick skating world, all falling under the wide umbrella of skateboarding. The Yoface is where we see skateboarding going. Skateboarding first really took off with the introduction of the urethane wheel, allowing riders to stick turns, to dig deep into corners as if riding a wave. It progressed into the many facets of tricking, sliding, going fast, and just plain cruising that we have today, and we are pleased to create a deck that can handle just about anything and handle it well. Tricking and turning, sliding and just plain navigating the treacherous city streets of Brooklyn and beyond.

One Love from the Bustin Brooklyn Crew!

Thursday May 24th, 2012
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