The Dervish Sama | Loaded Boards re-invents the Dervish.

It’s official, The dervish is not dead. It’s juts been re-invented. Adam and Adam are back in the teaser video (Full one coming May 28) with the new Updated Dervish, the Dervish Sama. Slightly older, slightly wiser, slightly creakier.

From loaded:

Design Process and Overview

The Dervish Sama emerged out of streamlined communication amongst the design team and comparing various digital and analog techniques used throughout the process.

Our design team faced a unique challenge: the Dervish is a board that we continue to enjoy riding and encourage others to share in this experience, so how do we enhance the features of the original board and at the same time increase its versatility? After brainstorming flex patterns, durability, construction and most importantly performance, we arrived at a multifaceted goal: to enhance edge control, lively response and carving; to increase trick potential (with the added benefit of durability), to increase concave with subtle adjustments to the camber, and to make the board more accessible by expanding our flex ranges. The Dervish Sama, through intensive back-and-forth within digital environments and physical prototyping, serves up a platter of carving and freeride goodness.

We’re stoked on the continuing refinement of our design processes and how what we’ve learned from the development of the Dervish Sama in particular (regarding methods of communication, prototyping, and testing procedures) will impact our ability to continue exploring the boundaries of skateboard design. More importantly, we’re stoked on this board and excited to share it with all those who are gonna enjoy it.

– The Loaded Crew

More info: The Dervish Sama | Loaded Boards.

Tuesday May 8th, 2012
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