Blazing Nazca Lines End of the World Tour

From the author Rob McWhinnie:

Fhe final in the 6 part series, the epic road into Nazca, incredibly long with perfect pavement, amazing corners and banked sweepers, we drove all night to get there early enough to skate and film all day on the way home,

one thing to remember when watching Nazca lines and some other episodes is that the runs where too big to session more then once, Nazca lines runs for over 70km and is ALL downhill, riding an unskated unknown road and still hitting it fast is a challenge, not knowing whats coming up or how fast is safe was hard to judge but we made it down and had a ball doing so,

thank you to all the sponsors and people around the entire world that made this epic trip possible, we made it with no injuries and plenty of stoke, memories to last a life time and experiences to influence the future.

Marisa, Ishta and my wife Maga took the challenge head on and progressed so much while we where traveling, turning wheels and clocking km, so proud of the way you 3 rode and conquered some truly epic situations. Jose and Cristian are both legends, exploring there own country like it was another planet and hitting every slope like it was their last, cheers for all the stoke and riding safe.

Sunday May 27th, 2012