The Arbor Collective is proud to present its new 2012 skateboard line.  The design crew, in collaboration with Arbor’s expanded skateboard team, completely overhauled the collection. “We invested the success the brand has enjoyed over the years into a progressive, highly versatile, more cutting-edge offering that reflects today’s rapidly evolving skateboard market,” said Bob Carlson, Arbor’s President.

Presented in two collections, Roots and Icon, the line has something every rider. Among the highlights this year are the new Shakedown Series of double kick hybrid shapes, a greatly expanded downhill lineup featuring the new Prodigy and Cypher and smaller version of the Vugenhausen, a new composite style double kick, drop trough freestyle series called the Catalyst, and the Zeppelin featuring Gullwing Sidewinder trucks.

Highlights include:


Check out the complete new line here!

Tuesday April 10th, 2012
Deck Freeride Freestyle Longboard Manufacturer