BCcollective: Weekend in Cali

In mid february, a group of young otang riders; from across north america, spontaneously decided to meet up in California for one rad weekend.

Primary Filming Done By: Jonathan Douglas, Colton Killoran
Additional Filming Done By: Brett Ciabattini, Jack Crowe, Tyson Elenko
Edited by: Colton Killoran


Jonathon Douglas (Nelson Topspin, Aeras, 80a Baluts) – from Calgary Alberta

Tyson (Rayne Vandal, Calibers, 80a Baluts) – From Vancouver B.C

Colton Killoran (Comet Takeover/Grease Hammer, SurfRodz/Calibers, 80a Baluts) – From Vancouver B.C

Jack Crowe (Original Proto, SurfRodz, 80a Baluts) – From Chicago IL

Brett Ciabattini (Original Top Mount Proto, Calibers, 80a Baluts) – From California

Stephen Salay (Rayne Avenger, Buzzed, 80a Baluts) – From Ohio


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Monday April 16th, 2012
Downhill Grom Longboard