Grom Prototyping: Rayne Rival and Supreme

Vancouver, BC: Get a first look at the soon to be released Rayne Rival and Supreme. Rayne gives the prototype to some of the best up-and-comers groms for feedback
From Rayne:
Developing new product is always requires a certain amount of prototyping. We always work with our global team of pro’s, but for the development of the Rayne Rival and Rayne Supreme, we decided we’d also take out a group of groms and let them shred. Check out some of British Columbia’s best up-and-comers and get a first look at the all new, soon to be released, Rayne Rival and Rayne Supreme.
With: Aidan Lynds | Ian Russel Oliver Korman | Reese Boyko | Tyler Peterson | Will Smallwood
Vitis Rayne Online

Thursday March 8th, 2012
Deck Freeride Grom Longboard Manufacturer