Devil’s Night Shred 2011

Toronto, ON: On devils night the ghosts and ghouls of the Ontario longboard scene took to the streets in the most epic longboard event around, The DEVIL’S NIGHT SHRED. Warning!! all stunts preformed by pro boarders DO NOT TRY THIS!!!! YOU WILL BURN!!!!
Camera by : Jonathan Nuss/Devon Burns | Edit by : Scott Ewing | Music by :Eternal Feedback
For the second year in a row, local scene supporter Bombora Boards has put up a spectacular event.
Another event coming real fast and hosted by Bombora is the Toronto Swap meet. It’s the fist major community event to kick off the riding season.
Check out the event, reply to the invite and show up on the day for some great deal and a first look at Bombora boards new 2012 deck lineup. Oh and wrap it up with a Slide Jam hosted by the Skate invaders
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Thursday March 15th, 2012
Downhill Freeride Slide