Ontario Longboarding 5th Annual Swap Meet | Presented by BOMBORA and ROAROCKIT

Toronto, ON: It’s only 5 years old but already a strong tradition in the Ontario longboarding community. The swap meet is a great opportunnity to buy/trade/swap skating gear and to catchup with long lost friends.

YOU, and every skater you know!!! as well as any new recruits!
Last year we topped over 300 people and it was so gnar that it made Noah Hellreich’s ankle explode into a million pieces, and this year we are expecting more than 350 people!!!

Swap/Buy/Sell used skate gear, socialize and check out Roarockit
Toronto’s skateboard and longboard-building school.
There will be plenty of gently used gear to find a longboard for less than half the original cost AND experienced people who can help you build it. This year the Skate Invaders will be hosting the after shred at the Pooper!

Roarockit Skateboard Company
880 Millwood Road, Toronto (Click here for map)

SUNDAY, MARCH 25th 2012
SWAP MEET is weather proof: there will be some tents outside,
so don’t let the weather hold you back.

Because it’s what you have been waiting the whole year for!!!!!!

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HOSTS: Roarockit Skateboard Company | Bombora Boards | Skate Invaders

Sponsors Longboardism.com | Champstile Woodburning | AM Wood Skateboard Co. | S&J Sales | Kebbek Skateboards | Concrete Waves

Monday February 13th, 2012