Duke Degen showcasing Orangatang’s New Balut Longboard Wheels

Muir Skate’s Duke Degen giving us a quick product review for Orangatang new longboard wheels the Balut. This is more than your usual product review with intro sequence and shred video.
From MuirSkate:
Here we have our buddy Duke Degen giving us a quick product review for the Orangatang Balut longboard wheels. The Baluts are 72.5mm in diameter and come in three different hardnesses, each with a different durometer. We tested the Oranges (80a) and Purples (83a) extensively and got our groove on with the harder Yellows (86a) as well. We found the wheels to be surprisingly pleasant for low speed slides as well as being very fun for freestyle flippity-do’s. The large, centerset core gives them a solid structure and feel, so the wheels ride slightly harder than what you might expect. Don’t be afraid to step down in hardness from what you’re used to. Lastly, although the Baluts don’t seem to have a lot of urethane, they somehow last for quite a long time. Something about this new Orangatang Euphorethane formula gives them extra life… I’m guessing it’s magic.
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Monday February 6th, 2012
Downhill Wheels