Wefunk to release Stealth Division Mach1 Longboard with Crazy batshit GPS tracker thingamajig


Cologne, Germany: Wefunk is set to release their the Mach1 as part of their new stealth Stealth Division. The F1 grade pre-preg carbon fiber deck will also come with a telemetric system for live tracking via wireless of bluetooth named the Gnarvigator

The hand built Mach1 prototype presentedhere is constructed of seven layers of F1 gradepre-preg carbon fiber over an Airex and Ash core. The nose tail sections are reinforced with Makrolon (We have no idea what that is but it sound expensive) and for high velocity impact resistance. The top of the deck features two separate grades of grip engineered for maximum control. The front grip is less coarse and permits shifting on the front foot while the rear grip is made from impervious Corundum – a synthetic sapphire crystal second only to diamond as the world’s hardest mineral. The Airex core features a center channel with a carbon fiber inlay for unmatched torsional rigidity and reduced drag.
The trucks are state of the art GOG (Gang Of Germany) 180mm CNCed aluminum composite alloy, featuring spherical bearing and reversible hangers for adjustable ride height and rake.
The Gnarvitator

The Gnarvigator is the worlds first and only full telemetry enabled rider information system for longboarding. Equipped with on-board GPS positioning, solid state data logging, Bluetooth wireless data & voice (for real-time data relay via wireless Bluetooth headset) and tri-axial accelerometer. Key performance metrics tracked include GPS position with RDGPS proprietary error correction algorithms, speed, start/stop run time, altitude, vertical drop, average speed, velocity, and G-force (entering & exiting turns). The Gnavigator will be available seperately as a universal attachment (see concept rendering above) for all types of longboad decks, allowing you to retrofit anything in your quiver into the ultimate full telemetry smart board.
Wefunk/Stealth Division will launch the Mach1 as a full production deck Spring 2012.
More info at Wefunk

Monday January 9th, 2012
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