Robert McWhinnie bombs Nuclear hills

Lima, Peru: While shooting the series It’s all downhill from here, Robert McWhinnie cacthes up with the local crew and hits La nuclear, The service road to a nuclear facility that doubles as 5km race track for the APDS (Asociacion Peruana de Downhill Skateboarding).
From Rob :
Nuclear hill is a road to a power plant on the north east side of lima, a radiation boundry has been set up but is still available to the public, i barter with hopkin sticker to get to the top where we take addvantage of the extra energy in the surrounding air and launch ourselves at full speed down the 5km tuck fest, after a while the radiation plays effect and riders started to lose their heads, wobbling around and speaking gibberish, it was my first time and couldnt handle any more while the locals could ride it all day and taking it all in, Nuclear Radiation – Yes Please.

Sunday January 8th, 2012
Downhill Skate X Shoot