Chaotic Moon Labs’ Board of Awesomeness

Las Vegas, NV: Revealed at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) was Chaotic Moon Labs’ Board of Awesomeness. A longboard that is motion controlled via the Microsoft Kinect interface.
Very similar to using Kinect for Xbox 360, the Kinect device on our Board of Awesomeness transmits the user’s gestures and movement to the Samsung Windows 8 tablet that serves as the board’s central brain by controlling the speed of the board’s electric motor, which is up to 32 miles per hour. Yeah, that’s fast. Just ask whurley.
Chaotic Moon Labs’ “Board of Awesomeness” is intended as a technology teaser to show how perceptive computing can turn around the way we look at user experiences. The project utilizes a Microsoft Kinect device, Samsung Windows 8 tablet, a motorized longboard, and some standard and custom hardware to create a longboard that watches the user to determine what to do rather than have the operator use a wired or wireless controller. The project uses video recognition, speech recognition, localization data, accelerometer data, and other factors to determine what the user wants to do and allows the board to follow the operators commands without additional aid.


Wednesday January 11th, 2012
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