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In mid of november 2011 in hamburg, germany, a bunch of guys met up in a a lonely corner of a pathway.
these bunch call themselves “beastyboard”, an loose gahtering of longboarders in Hamburg. they set up up some light in the trees, brought up a genny and waited for the setting of the sun.
And then it started, the first beastyboard-nightsession:


“beastyboard” is originally a webforum for longboarders in hamburg. founded back in 2000.
So the first “downhill race”, as far as we can talk about downhill in hamburg, took place in 2001. there was a yearly copetition until 2007.Then there was a break in the scene. the boarders totally changed, most of the olders quit and a lot of new and motivated, idealistic guys joined. since then the scene is constantly increasing.
The last highlight was the accomplishment of a skateboardercross competition in 2010

Due to the intrduction of facebook and smartphones the whole thing switched from the forum to facebook. now there is a beastyboard-facebook group with about 400 members
The inner circle is something like 20 – 50 people who are creative and idealistic enough to start events and projects like the Hamburg City Rollbrett Race 2011or the nightsession.
The range of the riders is from 17 to 42 years of age.
More photos of the Hamburg scene available here

Wednesday December 28th, 2011
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