Consider This Our Holiday Card | Muir Skate

San Diego, CA: Trol-lol-lol-lol-lol, La-la-la-la. Scott, the owner of, and his trusty elves show us how they celebrate the holiday season in San Diego.
From Muirskate:
Instead of mailing out cards this holiday season, we decided to take a slightly more eco-friendly approach to spreading the cheer. Our resident Santa and two of his favorite elves took a journey down a local favorite and our camera crew was there to document. Skateboarding Santa Claus? Sure… Kinda. He’s basically shredding the slope like a warm cheese grater would shred a stick of butter. His elves do some of that stuff, too. Don’t look to the right side of the footage at 1:13 unless you want to see our buddy Steve dash in to the bushes. (Thanks, Steve.) Ho ho ho and all that jazz! Happy Holidays, y’all. Sinceriously, the crew at

Sunday December 11th, 2011